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Government Employment Update

The federal sector hired 162,839 new federal employees nationwide and overseas in 2013. Almost a third, 31 percent, were veterans. The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration were the two largest hiring agencies. The Affordable Health Care Act includes over 100 new regulatory agencies and commissions and more federal regulators will be needed to administer new EPA and OSHA regulations and to manage the many other federal programs that have been implemented by the current administration. Immigration reform will potentially increase hiring of Border Patrol Agents and Customs Officers. Even with the projected growth and hiring some agencies continue to offer voluntary early retirements to address budget shortfalls.

There is considerable competition for anyone seeking federal employment and those interested in working for Uncle Sam must develop a professional federal style resume and application to remain competitive and start the process early to improve their chances of success.



Medical, Dental, & Public Health / GS-600 





This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work, subordinate technical work, or related clerical work in the several branches of medicine, surgery, and dentistry or in related patient care services such as dietetics, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy, and others.



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General Health Science GS-601
Medical Officer GS-602
Physician’s Assistant GS-603
Medical Nurse GS-610
Medical Practical Nurse GS-620
Respiratory Nursing Assistant GS-621
Medical Supply Aide & Tech GS-622
Autopsy Assistant Series GS-625
Dietitian and Nutritionist GS-630
Occupational Therapist GS-631
Speech Pathology & Audiology GS-665
Physical Therapist GS-633
Corrective Therapist GS-635
Rehab Therapy Assistant GS-636
Manual Arts Therapist GS-637
Recreation/Arts Therapist GS-638
Educational Therapist GS-639
Health Aid & Tech GS-640 
Nuclear Medicine Tech GS-642
Medical Technologist GS-644
Medical Technician GS-645
Pathology Technician GS-646
Diagnostic Radiologic Tech GS-647
Technologist GS-648
Instrument Technician GS-649

Technical Assistant GS-650
Therapist GS-651
Pharmacy Technician GS-661
Pharmacist GS-660
Optometrist GS-662
Restoration Technician GS-664
Medical Records Admin GS-669
Orthotist and Prosthetist GS-667
Podiatrist GS-668
System Administration GS-670
Health System Specialist GS-671
Prosthetic Representative GS-672
Housekeeping Mgmt GS-673
Medical Records Tech GS-675
Medical Clerk GS-679
Dental Officer GS-680
Dental Assistant GS-681
Dental Hygiene GS-682
Dental Laboratory Tech GS-683
Public Health Pgm Specialist GS-685
Sanitarian GS-688
Industrial Hygiene GS-690
Consumer Safety GS-696
Environmental Health Tech GS-698
Medical Student Trainee GS-699

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