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Federal Executive Boards

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Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) Contact Information

Page updated 3/2/2018

Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) were established to improve coordination among federal activities and programs outside of Washington. Approximately 84 percent of all federal employees work outside the national capital area. There are 28 FEBs located in cities that are major centers of federal activity.

The boards are located in the following metropolitan areas: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis St. Paul, Newark, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Oregon, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Seattle. The Boards are composed of the federal field office agency heads and military commanders within these cities.


Federal Executive Boards & Sites


In cities where FEBs do not exist, another organization of local principal federal agency officials often exists. These organizations are generally entitled Federal Executive Associations or Councils, and have purposes and objectives similar to FEBs. They do not, however, function within the same formal set of parameters (e.g., officially established by presidential memorandum, policy direction and guidance from the Office of Personnel Management, etc.) as do the FEBs.

Most of the FEBs have Internet Web sites. Use the following list for networking purposes and to call or e-mail local offices for information or to establish networking contacts in your area of interest.