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Government Employment Update

The federal sector hired 162,839 new federal employees nationwide and overseas in 2013. Almost a third, 31 percent, were veterans. The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration were the two largest hiring agencies. The Affordable Health Care Act includes over 100 new regulatory agencies and commissions and more federal regulators will be needed to administer new EPA and OSHA regulations and to manage the many other federal programs that have been implemented by the current administration. Immigration reform will potentially increase hiring of Border Patrol Agents and Customs Officers. Even with the projected growth and hiring some agencies continue to offer voluntary early retirements to address budget shortfalls.

There is considerable competition for anyone seeking federal employment and those interested in working for Uncle Sam must develop a professional federal style resume and application to remain competitive and start the process early to improve their chances of success.





Government Job Applications / Resumes / OF-612 Forms




The "Optional Application for Federal Employment Form OF-612" is a simplified application that agencies can use in the recruiting process. Most agencies require applicants to submit their applications through online resume builders and federal style resumes are the more popular application method. The OF-612 form is particularly useful for applicants who do not have extensive job-related qualifications, such as recent graduates or applicants for entry level or wage grade positions. This optional application form contains information considered to be the minimum necessary to determine an applicant's qualifications.


The second form, "Declaration for Federal Employment", OF-306 is used primarily to collect information on conduct and suitability, and also on other matters, such as receipt of a government annuity. Agencies have the option of asking applicants to complete this optional form at any time during the hiring process, but it is required by all appointees, those selected for a job. It is anticipated that only the final few applicants who have a good chance of receiving a job offer would complete this form. This form also warns applicants of the consequences of submitting fraudulent information and to ask them to certify the accuracy of all of their application materials.

Applicants must also complete Occupational Questionnaires to collect applicant information and qualifications in a format suitable for automated processing. Different version of the forms are used, depending on the occupation or automated system being used. Most of this data is now submitted online through resume builders and the occupational questionnaire process.

Three OF-612  downloadable versions of this form are available on this site.

Download Forms



  • OF-612 Form (Fill-in PDF Form) Use this latest form to complete your application. Unfortunately, this form can not be saved. It is the latest version dated 2006.
  • Microsoft Word version - Designed as an interactive Microsoft Word form that can be saved. This form is dated 1994. The newest version is dated 2006, however on the 2006 form it does state that "Previous Edition Usable."

Note: Neither of the forms above will expand to add additional work histories. To make this work you will have to add supplemental sheets to the application for each additional work history description. Include all of the required information and detailed work description and number the sheets sequentially.


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