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Clerk & Assistant Jobs in the GS-0303 Occupational Series

Federal job opportunities are available for those who know how to tap this lucrative job market. Where else can you find and apply for high-paying jobs that offer employment at thousands of locations stateside and overseas with excellent career advancement opportunities?


This article features Clerk and Assistant jobs in the GS-0303 occupational series. We help those seeking federal employment explore occupations and navigate the application process [2]. Plus, we link you to current job vacancies and resume/application guidance [2].

Clerk and Assistant jobs in the (GS-0303)

Clerical work involves the processing or maintenance of records or documents which represent the transactions or business of an organization.

Assistant or technician work requires knowledge of the methods and procedures that are part of, or subordinate to, an administrative or program area. These workers carry out specific procedures and use established methods. They apply practical knowledge of regulations and precedent cases. Problems and issues that do not fit within the scope of established guidelines are usually referred to administrative or program specialists for resolution.

There are currently over 500 vacancies available nationwide in this occupational group. The federal government employs 59,819 in this occupation of which1,340 work overseas. The VA is the largest employer with 11,426, followed by the Department of the Army with 10,340 civilians and the Department of Commerce with 9,006. All cabinet level and many large agencies employ this occupation.

A number of these job announcements list multiple vacancies at various locations. For example, one of the announcements from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is hiring 128 clerks and assistants at four locations: Anchorage Alaska, Phoenix Arizona, Huntsville AL, and Camarillo CA. When you add up the multiple vacancies, you will discover many additional opportunities in this field for you to explore and at locations across the country.

Currently, the IRS, VA, EPA, DOJ, and many other agencies and departments are recruiting in this category.

If you are looking for a challenging position in this field explore these opportunities. The following link will take you to the GS 0360 Occupational Description that includes links to the current job announcements on USAJOBS.

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