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Occupational Series Proposed Cancelations

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is proposing to cancel 47 occupational series. Each of the selected series recommended for cancellation have approximately 25 or fewer incumbents Governmentwide. The work can be covered in other existing occupational series [1]. OPM is not proposing to cancel occupational series whose work is so specialized that it is not classifiable to any other series or which have individual occupational qualification requirements. Any series approved for cancellation will be absorbed in the job families ‘01’ or ‘03’ series, e.g., the Correspondence Clerk Series, 309, will be absorbed into the Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistance Series, 303 series [2].
The 28 white collar and 19 trade series are listed below:

White Collar Occupations

Trades, Craft, and Labor Occupations

OPM is seeking comments or questions from agencies on this proposal and suggestions for additional series cancellations. They will review agency comments and supporting evidence to finalize the list of occupational series for cancellation. OPM will notify agencies of the final occupational series for cancellation and provide guidance on the appropriate classification of canceled occupations.

This is an ongoing effort and OPM is statutorily responsible for preparing position classification and job grading standards for agencies to use in placing positions in their proper classes and grades. Review the original proposal [3] online.

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