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Physicians & Medical Specialist Jobs with the Army

Positions are now available for those who want to pioneer innovative medical techniques while caring for Soldiers and their families in some of the world’s most renowned facilities.

Army Physicians receive competitive pay, full benefit package, generous paid time off, educational opportunities, career advancement, and the opportunity to provide uniquely challenging and fulfilling care to those in need.

Currently there are over 180 job openings at facilities nationwide and overseas. Current openings include:

  • 62 physicians
  • 50 nurses
  • 15 practical nurses
  • 9 psychologists
  • 13 physician assistants
  • 6 rehabilitation therapy assistants
  • 4 medical technologists
  • 3 physical therapists
  • 2 nursing assistants
  • 3 diagnostic radiological technologists
  • 1 pharmacist
  • 1 audiologist /speech pathologist
  • 2 dental assistants
  • 3 social workers
  • 1 respiratory therapist
  • 2 pharmacy technician
  • 1 orthotist and prosthetist
  • 1 veterinarian

There are over 330,000 Army Civilians that aren’t active duty military. They serve as an integral part of the Army team to support the defense of our nation. You can become part of their global family by providing quality, world class health care throughout the U.S., Europe and the Pacific. Medcell recruits Medical Professionals for the United States Army.

Take a closer look at their current openings: (Applications accepted on USAJOBS.)

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