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Where Are the Federal Jobs?

Fifteen Cabinet departments and more than 100 independent agencies comprise the federal government system. These departments and agencies have offices in all corners of the world. The size of each agency varies considerably. The larger the agency, the more diverse the opportunities. So where are these federal jobs located? Search our federal agency and department directory [1] to locate opportunities by occupation and agency in your area.

Agencies are like corporations in the sense that each agency has a headquarters office, typically located in Washington D.C., regional offices located around the country to manage large geographic areas, and many satellite and field offices to provide public services and to perform agency functions. A good example is the Social Security Administration, which has offices in most areas to administer the Social Security program; manage disability claims, sign up those who retire at 62 and again at age 65 or older when they are required to elect Medicare B options, etc.

You may find yourself asking the question, where are federal jobs? Jobs can be found in all parts of the country and overseas — even in places you might never imagine. Don’t exclude any location regardless of size. In 1975 I was hired by the FAA to work at the Philipsburg Airport in central Pennsylvania. Philipsburg is a small town of 3,056 and I maintained navigational aids and communications facilities at the airport and the nearby town of State College. One of the main reasons I was hired was that few bid on these remote-location jobs. If you want to be successful in your job search, expand your area of consideration. It took me three years to get trained and transfer back to my home town.

To locate potential employers and federal offices in your area, check the blue pages in your phone book and perform online searches to locate potential employers. Initiate  informational interviews [2]to explore and find potential local employment opportunities.  You can also explore federal job listings by occupation and agency [3].

If you desire to travel, the government offers abundant opportunities to relocate within the 50 states and overseas. Twelve federal agencies and departments offer overseas jobs [4] for more than 93,000 workers. The Department of Defense Dependent Schools system [5] employ hundreds of teachers for military dependent schools overseas.

Start your search early and apply for as many jobs as possible to improve your chances. Most applications are now accepted online and if there is a civil service exam [6]you will provided registration and testing information in the job announcement [7].


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