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Apply for federal jobs well in advance of the time you will be available for employment. Applications can take 6 to 8 weeks for processing. It may take longer if written tests are required, especially in overseas areas. Many human resource departments are limiting open periods for job announcements. They also may only accept applications until a fixed number of applications are received or until the closing date of the announcement.

Recently, we have noticed that job announcements are being limited in duration to as little as one week or less. Check for vacancies frequently to ensure you don't miss an opportunity to bid on a desirable overseas job.  When applying for any federal job, especially overseas jobs, read the job announcement carefully, highlight actions that you must take to apply and do not leave out anything. If you don't submit all required information and forms your application may be rejected or at the very least you won't rate "Best Qualified" for the position.


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Department *Overseas Employment Total Employment
* Overseas + US Territories    
Dept. of the Airforce 3,190 171,024
Agriculture 807 81,940
Dept of the Army 11,162 250,706
Commerce 339 46,485
Defense 12,955 111,203
Education NA 3,691
Energy 20 14,331
Health & Human Services 492 82,406
Homeland Security 2,844 206,385
Housing & Urban Development 48 7,523
Interior 297 60,225
Justice 390 113,679
Labor 32 14,297
Dept of the Navy 5,215 214,422
State 334 54,013
Transportation 629 54,013
Treasury 629 89,788
Veterans Affairs 4,356 395,646



Overseas job listings


Explore and apply for all overseas job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment. You can post your private sector resume online at no cost to expand your job search. (Caution) Don't post your federal style resume online without removing all sensitive information such as your Social Security Number, etc.

Detailed overseas employment information is included in the paperback version of The Book Of U.S. Government Jobs. This book includes:

  • Overseas agency personnel office addresses and phone numbers
  • Overseas Job hotlines
  • Overseas job web sites
  • Placement services
  • Pacific job opportunities
  • Atlantic job opportunities
  • NAFI positions
  • Over 50 web sites to connect direct to agencies employing overseas workers
  • Description of major overseas employing agencies with numbers employed and key jobs that they fill.


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