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Page Updated 11/20/2017

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This check list links you to the information you need to start your federal job search. Work through the checklist to find job announcements, prepare a professional federal style resume, network with federal agencies, explore related careers, and most importantly, FIND a high paying, secure federal government job.


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What To Do Now


  • Locate the following list of items for your application:
    • High school and college transcripts
    • Military records, DD 214
    • Past employment history (For all companies or agencies that you worked for)
      • Company name and address
      • Salary
      • Immediate supervisor and phone number
      • Dates employed (from-to)
    • Other qualifications
      • Job related skills
      • Languages
      • Computer proficiency
      • Licenses and certifications
      • Honors, awards
      • Special accomplishments
      • Publications
      • Public speaking
      • Performance awards

What's Available


Applying For Jobs



Your application will be processed and results returned to you within a few weeks. In most cases you will receive a Notice of Rating or Notice of Results informing you of your eligibility by mail. If rated eligible, your name will be placed on the Federal register list for that position along with all other eligible applicants. Your name and application will be forwarded to a selecting official as positions become available.


Government Jobs / Federal Jobs / Civil Service Jobs / Post Office Jobs

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