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The federal sector hired 162,839 new federal employees nationwide and overseas in 2013. Almost a third, 31 percent, were veterans. The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration were the two largest hiring agencies. The Affordable Health Care Act includes over 100 new regulatory agencies and commissions and more federal regulators will be needed to administer new EPA and OSHA regulations and to manage the many other federal programs that have been implemented by the current administration. Immigration reform will potentially increase hiring of Border Patrol Agents and Customs Officers. Even with the projected growth and hiring some agencies continue to offer voluntary early retirements to address budget shortfalls.

There is considerable competition for anyone seeking federal employment and those interested in working for Uncle Sam must develop a professional federal style resume and application to remain competitive and start the process early to improve their chances of success.



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The VA staffs 153 medical centers, 135 nursing homes, over 900 ambulatory and community-based outpatient clinics, Veterans centers at 232 locations, 47 counseling centers, and 108 home-care programs. These facilities are located nationwide including the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories. They are also the largest employer of Federal Nursing Jobs in this country. The VA states that. "over 7.9 million Veterans, family members, and survivors are enrolled in the VA health system, with more than 6.3 million seeking treatment each year. Currently, annual treatment involves 773,600 inpatient visits and 60 million outpatient visits. About 250,000 full-time employees and 90,000 health professional trainees work in interdisciplinary care teams to deliver those patient services daily."

There are also many health care jobs throughout government including with the Bureau of Prisons at their 153 correctional facilities around the country and with most other agencies in clinics or at research facilities.
The federal government employs over 208,000 dental, medical, hospital and public health specialists and physicians nationwide and internationally in all agencies. The VA, the largest health care provider in government, has a $41 billion dollar budget serving 6 million people including 600,000 hospitalizations with millions of outpatient visits each year. 


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The government needs thousands to fill medical jobs and maintain the staffs at hundreds of federal facilities nationwide. When you include civilian medical personnel at military hospitals and administrative personnel that are required under the Affordable Health Care Act many more will be needed.

Starting your job search


To explore ALL options we link you to 141 federal recruiting sites. Many agencies hire medical workers for specific functions. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration employs flight surgeons, nurses, and drug testing personnel. The largest health care provider is the Veterans Administration which hires all health care occupations. You will also find health care jobs at military installations worldwide, Health and Human Resources operates health care clinics at Indian reservations, and the Department of Justice staffs medical facilities at federal prisons. 

It is misleading to assume that a standard resume will land you a job with Uncle Sam. Most private industry resumes are loosely structured and simply introduce the applicant to the company. Follow our resume guidance on this site and additional information and numerous resume examples are included in Chapter Six of The Book of U.S. Government Jobs. These resources will help you write a successful applications and resume. The application is one of the keys to successfully landing a federal job. You must write a professional application and federal style resume and develop job search strategies that work. This web site and The Book of U.S. Government Jobs will help you achieve those goals.

It is important to remember that YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION. Most agencies offer online resume builders. Draft your resume off line and copy and paste it into the resume builder to insure you included all information and that you tailored your resume to the actual job announcement that you are applying for. If you don't include all required information as stated on the job announcement, your application may be rejected or at the very least you will loose valuable rating points.

Explore and apply for all job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment.


Healthcare Jobs / Medical Jobs / Hospital Jobs / VA Jobs


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