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Government Expansion

The federal sector is still hiring nationwide and overseas. The Affordable Health Care Act includes over 100 new regulatory agencies and commissions and more federal regulators will be needed to administer new EPA and OSHA regulations and to manage the many other federal programs that have been expanded over the past 5 years. The federal government now owns all of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac plus they took over 100% of the student loan program. There will be bumps along the way and many agencies may experience some downsizing to address budget shortfalls.

There is considerable competition for anyone seeking federal employment and those interested in working for Uncle Sam must develop a professional federal style resume and application to remain competitive and start the process early to improve their chances of success.



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Apply early using the application process and comprehensive resume guide in The Book of U.S. Government Jobs to make a connection. It pays to apply for federal jobs well in advance of the time you will be available for employment. Applications usually take six to eight weeks for processing. It may take longer if written tests are required, especially in overseas areas. Many jobs limit the number of applications available and the time allowed for filing. Applications are accepted until the limit is reached or until the closing date of the announcement.


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Book of US Government JobsThe Book of U.S. Government Jobs (Federal Resume Guide)
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Department Overseas Employment Total Employment
Agriculture 884 104,469
Commerce 398 80,167
Defense 47,229 736,592
Education 6 4,101
Energy 21 16,145
Health & Human Services 332 67,449
Homeland Security 3,700 179,905
Housing & Urban Development 80 9,585
Interior 366 75,381
Justice 2,059 113,495
Labor 39 16,902
State 22,261 37,464
Transportation 322 57,277
Treasury 679 109,189
Veterans Affairs 4,571 297,318



Overseas job listings

Explore and apply for all overseas job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment. You can post your private sector resume online at no cost to expand your job search. (Caution) Don't post your federal style resume online without removing all sensitive information such as your Social Security Number, etc. 

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Detailed overseas employment information is included in the paperback version of The Book Of U.S. Government Jobs. This book includes:
Overseas agency personnel office addresses and phone numbers

  • Overseas Job hotlines
  • Overseas job web sites
  • Placement services
  • Pacific job opportunities
  • Atlantic job opportunities
  • NAFI positions
  • Over 50 web sites to connect direct to agencies employing overseas workers
  • Description of major overseas employing agencies with numbers employed and key jobs that they fill.



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